Hi there! Do you want a fresh start with Online Coding Lessons on PHP, WordPress, MySQL, HTML CSS,  C++, Python, and JS? No matter, if you are a beginner or an intermediate developer or you want to teach your employees, HIRE ME, and see the results.


I can teach:

☛ PHP ☛WordPress ☛MySQL ☛HTML ☛CSS ☛JS☛C++Python☛Jquery ☛Bootstrap ☛GIT ☛Github


What is included in this package?

30 MInutes Lessons: $5 /Class 

60 minutes Lessons: $10 /Class




Why You Should Hire me?

➯Time Flexibility 

➯Complete Development Pack tutoring 

➯Kids teaching (6-12)

➯Experienced (2+ years)

➯Agency Employees

➯WordPress expert

➯Excellent understanding of web technologies from development to deployment.




Please contact me before placing an order to give you the best deals!

Thanks 🙂